• Columbia Basin Partners is a private investment firm that acquires and manages companies that we understand well from past operating experience and investments.  We work side by side with our operating partners and management teams to build and grow world class businesses.

  • Who We Are

    Columbia Basin Partners invests in and acquires middle market companies across the U.S. With decades of experience in the ownership and management of privately held businesses, we form partnerships with founders, owners and managers to build and grow amazing businesses.


    Our partners have decades of experience starting, operating and growing companies across an array of industries. We are not simply investors, we are partners and stewards of growth with the underlying experience that traditional investors cannot provide.


    We move quickly and and with respect for the team and legacy that you have created. Not an institutional entity with a bureaucratic investment committee, we're a focused team with operating roots that can quickly and effectively construct transactions that help you realize your goals while preserving the legacy and culture that underpins your company.

  • How We Do It


    • Backed by families and individuals with decades of experience as owners and operators
    • We stick to what we know - tangible assets in mature markets

    Long-Term Partnerships

    • We don't fix and flip - we acquire businesses for the long haul
    • No requisite exit timing - we build great businesses and have the capabilities to hold them into perpetuity

    Focus on What We Know

    • We stick to our roots as operators of mature businesses - real assets, real customer relationships
    • We avoid what we don't know - evolving technology, intangible assets, early-stage businesses

    Human Element

    • We are stewards of your legacy and your culture
    • Your employees are our partners and the foundation of all success